Is there a hem tear or minor hole in a dress, which need to be fixed? DressmakerPro professional tailors can fix your  dresses in no time and can make any alteration for you. Is there any favorite dress of yours which has been hanging in your closet for far too long? Just because of its fitting? 

DressmakerPro tailors can offer you the perfect fitting, making it look like if it was specifically custom tailored for you.  It was found out in several fashion survey, one thing people emphasize most when assessing anyone’s outfit is clothing fitting. 

 The factor on top upon which people will assess your fashion sense is how well and perfectly clothing fits you. 

 Our experienced team can get any dress/suit fit you flawlessly, then whether it be a casual sweater or a formal gown.
  If at any instance in the alterations or tailoring process, you are not completely satisfied with the work.We will redo it happily for you without hesitation. (off course free of cost).

 We want your alterations and tailoring to look perfect, as our foremost priority is customer satisfaction.
Some common alterations include:
Lengthen/Shorten Hems. Usually stores don’t sell pants of exact your sizes. If you buy new pants and they are little too long or too short, don’t worry. Our experts can alter them as per your size, by shortening or lengthening their hem.
Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves. If the sleeves ride up your arms or hang down your hands, our experts have the solution to get them fit.
Cuffs: We can lengthen or shorten the cuffs of your coats and shirts for your sharp look.
Splitting Waist. Our experts can cut the waist in your pants/trousers to allow for movement and expansion without introducing strain to your waistband.
Hem Dress/Shirt. Just as you care about the pants to hang at right spot. we know you want same for your dresses, gowns and skirts etc. For this, DressmakerPro experts are here to help you out.        


Alterations Policy

Payment for alterations is due at the time of drop off.

Original receipt is required for time of pick up.

Dry clean or wash all clothing before you bring it to us.

Any unclean clothing will be returned unfinished.

Same Day Service (Rush Order) is $6.00 +Tax extra per idem.

Return Policy: Try your garment immediately after pick up in store or at home. If your garment needs adjusting, bring it back with receipt within 2 weeks.

Unclaimed Garments: Garments must be picked up not later than 30 days from the date of receipt.  We are not responsible for garments left over one month.

In order to avoid any measurement mistakes, you’re responsibly to have proper footwear. So we can make the right measurements for your alteration service.

If you choose to CANCEL your order after we have already pinned and measured your garment .You will be required to pay $20.00 Fitting Fee + Tax.

We will even keep your alteration measurements and preferences on file for future purchases. Due to the volume of alterations we perform.please allow an additional 5 to 7 days for your order to be completed.