Men Tailoring

   Getting men’s suit is not simple as it seems. Some think that closing the buttons and pulling one comfortably is enough. But reality is, in the world of men tailoring, getting the right type of suit with right fitting is an art itself and surely not everyone is an artist. 

We are here to give you a helping hand, our tailors provide alteration services to make your suits fit you as per your needs. Some common ones which we provide the services of alteration are: 

Classic Suits.  It is very easy to wear and known for its comfort. We can further customize it which would make it easy to move because of less restriction for body movement.

Slim Fit. These are also known as Italian Fits. These were the first ones stitched having close fitting to the body. 

We would alter it so that it would slim fit hug your body, but not too strong to make you uncomfortable. It is slightly tighter than regular one and appears that way, too.

Three-Piece. Why not try something different than the standard suit.Which you have been seen wearing mostly in formal occasions. Spice up your game, look sharp in the upcoming formal event. 

Three-piece suits have made their place back in the fashion world. Without any doubt, they are contemporary, stylish and goes well for proms, business, wedding etc. You have one? Trust us with your alteration.

Double-Breasted. These have trimmer sleeves, wide peak lapels and higher armholes. Its slimmer fit gives a sharper and cleaner look. Its appealing silhouette provides impression of height, giving you a thinner and taller look.    

Custom Tailored Alteration.  Are you looking for a success dress? Your suit should get all the attention. The classic suits can get you the deserving points but more often custom-tailored altered suits are appropriate option. 

They have the ability to clearly communicate your personality and professionalism. Though fashion and trends keep changing all the time but these suits have kept their place.Ever since they were introduced.  

So, when are you coming for an alteration?