Men Tailoring

The traditional weddings are easier to select a suit for as men tend to go with simple, classic cuts and designs.

 Their decisions are often to look good but not taking away from their bride. For a themed wedding the tuxedo should fit the selected theme.

The tuxedo must always compliment the brides dress and make the man look polished and smart. 

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The Three Alterations Every Suit Needs

Virtually every suit will need three basic alterations

1. Sleeves Shortened
2. Pants Tailored
3. Waist Suppressed

Sleeves Shortened

Many off the rack suits have sleeves that are many inches too long. Ideally, you should allow 1/4″ to 1/2″ of shirt cuff (known as “linen”) to show when you rest your hands at your side.

Pants Hemmed

Normally, pants on off the rack suits are unfinished and run about 38” long – too long for anyone to wear. You must have these hemmed.

Waist Suppression

Waist suppression is the descriptive term for the cinching of a jacket’s waist to accentuate the ideal “V” shape of the male torso. Many of the rack suits are rather boxy, so your tailor can rectify this by suppressing the waist of your jacket. When your tailor suppresses the waist, he helps the jacket hide whatever flaws you might have in order to make you appear that much closer to the masculine ideal.